Live: Story Of The Year in Fort Wayne

Is there a better way to spend Labor day than at a rock concert? The answer is no, not when you have a line up featuring Escape the Fate, Hawthorne Heights, and Story of the Year. This concert was rocking from the start with Escape the Fate. They wasted little time cranking the volume up to 11, playing a brand new song. Did they slow down? Hell no, they kept rolling on with classics “Gorgeous Nightmare” and “Broken Heart.” Escape the Fate hit so hard it left the crowd needing to catch their breath. Que Hawthorne Heights. The band had not played in Ft. Wayne since 2005, so when the band took the stage it was like they took the crowd back in time. Playing all the fan favorites that would be on their MySpace page. That\’s right- MySpace. Hawthorne Heights really kept the crowd going with the blast from the past.  Moments later the roof was blown of the building when Story of the Year took the stage.  Kicking off their set, their sound was incredible. They played a variety of hits- some older and some brand new.  Lead singer Dan Marsala was cool, going out into the crowd during the set and doing a quick meet and greet with a fan who was celebrating her birthday.  The band had the whole crowd shouting at the top of their lungs during “Bang Bang” and closed it\’s set with “Until I Die,” during which the whole crowd erupted, singing along and even overtaking the band. -Tim Stepp