Live: Steel Panther in Silver Spring

Steel Panther is currently out on their Sunset Strip Live tour bringing along the absolutely hysterical Dingleberry Dynasty. Every time Steel Panther comes to town it\’s a party so I was extremely excited about my date being on a Friday. I was able to catch the madness at The Fillmore in Silver Spring Maryland. Opening the night was Dingleberry Dynasty. They are probably one of the greatest bands to exist ever in my opinion and seeing them live is an even better experience. With songs about Gary Busey and Charlie Sheen complete with videos there is no going wrong with their set. How does it get better than that? A member of the band dressed up in a dick suit completed with LED lights and a giant D chain for their song “Dildo.” I don\’t think there was a moment during their set that I wasn\’t laughing. This band is an absolute blast. Finally it was time for Steel Panther. I was extremely excited to see that the night was filled with covers that I\’ve never heard them play live before. Opening with “Eyes of A Panther” the crowd quite literally went wild. During their cover of “Crazy Train” frontman Michael Starr did a few pretty spot on Ozzy impersonations that were hilarious. During the part of the set where the band invites the women of the audience on stage (where there may or may not be some indecent exposure involved) the guys broke into “Livin On A Prayer” where a woman did an amazing duet with Starr. They then went into “Pour Some Sugar On Me” and it was phenomenal. Even though these guys are all about the party and women their covers are over the top. They also played crowd favorite “Community Property”. Listening to all of the guys bicker on stage and Lexxi Foxx being his typical diva self is a whole lot of fun. Their set was fantastic and they gave the fans exactly what they wanted, and more. The Sunset Strip Live Tour runs through May in the U.S. and then moves on to Australia. -Tera Ford Dingleberry Dynasty Steel Panther