Live: Steel Panther in Indianapolis

When Steel Panther comes to town, you know you’re in for an experience but Indianapolis had no idea what they were in for when the On The Prowl World Tour came hit the Egyptian Room with Crobot and Tragedy. Tragedy hit the stage first and quickly grabbed the attention of the fans. With a stage adorned with blow-up dolls, the band ran on stage decked out in stage gear that didn’t match at all. Some of the members were dressed in glittery disco clothes, some with death metal face paint and leather and some as 1970’s country western acts. Then they ripped into a set that’s billed as The All Metal Tribute to The Bee Gees and More and did that ever explain a lot. The most fun part was that the fans in attendance obviously didn’t pay much attention to the tour announcement because the looks of confusion were common around the venue. But, as the band really got into their set and hit the crowd with a cover of “I’m So Excited,” they finally got it. The band loaded their set with metal covers of popular disco hits and a few of them were even set to well-known metal tracks like “It’s Raining Men” met with “Raining Blood.” Also, enough can’t be said about Lance, who made his way on stage with confetti poppers from time to time. The band had it all and set the bar high. Crobot took over next and shattered the bar, opening their set up with singer Brandon Yeagley sitting in an electric chair while a mad scientist talks about how he’s constructed the ultimate Crobot. As Yeagley leapt out of the chair, the band exploded into the set and the party was underway. With Yeagley dancing and strutting around the stage and making some of the best facial expressions ever, it was a fun set loaded with Crobot classics and new Crobot hits the fans had heard on XM Octane over the last year or two. Before too long, the almighty Steel Panther took the stage with the opening staple of “Eyes of a Panther” and threw a lot into the first few songs. If you’ve seen Steel Panther before, the show was nothing new or groundbreaking but still entertaining has hell. They did the normal Steel Panther onstage banter with each other, making fun of each other and themselves while interacting with the crowd on a level that only a Steel Panther fanbase could really appreciate. Let’s just leave it at this- if you didn’t walk away from this show and from this tour laughing your balls off, you’re dead inside. -Reggie Edwards