Live: State Champs and more bring Pure Noise Tour to Indy

State Champs are back and stronger than ever in a post-COVID touring year and they’ve brought Real Friends, Four Year Strong, Just Friends and Bearings with them for the Pure Noise Tour, which recently hit Indianapolis’ Deluxe at Old National Centre.

The show was originally slated for the Hoosier Dome but was moved to the Egyptian Room…then moved downstairs to Deluxe, which actually helped the show because the room was packed almost to capacity and that means one thing- fun.

Bearings opened the show with a set that got the crowd jumping and moving, ready for the rest of the bands to take over and Just Friends took it to another level.

Imagine Red Hot Chili Peppers and Black Eyed Peas having a lovechild and that’s Just Friends. Their set was nothing but pure fun and they made fans out of anyone who wasn’t familiar with them yet before Four Year Strong took the stage and obliterated everyone in the room.

The crowd was able to recharge just quick enough for Real Friends to blow the roof off the room and they made sure anyone in the Egyptian Room upstairs could hear what was going on downstairs and fans were ready for their first taste of new singer Cody Muraro, who came into the band during COVID’s height last year and they were more than happy with the new addition and he’s the perfect person to step into Dan Lambton’s shoes.

When State Champs took the stage, the crowd was intense and ready to give whatever energy they had left to the band and they did exactly that. The second the band ripped into their set, the cryo cannons launched, the crowd surfers made their way to the barricade like a tidal wave on a warm summer day and the band gave every bit of energy right back to them.

The entire set was a pure adrenaline rush and ended faster than it started, making fans beg for more and making sure State Champs knew the Indianapolis chapter of the fanbase was taking things deeper than just enjoying a rock show, the fans were letting a year-and-a-half of pent up emotions out in one night and it was therapeutic for everyone in the room. This was the show these fans needed on every level.

-Reggie Edwards