Live: Starset leads demonstration in Indy

Welcome to the Demonstration.  Starset are back and out on the road with Oni and Red, a tour that recently hit Indy’s Vogue Theatre with support from Divide The Fall. Oni brought a unique tone that you may not expect at a concert with bands like Red and Starset on the bill, with a much heavier approach. They were loud and on fire, using a combo of unclean and clean vocals and brought the hype for the other bands coming up. Next to take the stage was Red and the crowd was ready.  They come out hitting heavy with songs like “Feed the Machine,” “Faceless,” “The War We Made” for a set loaded with all the fan favorites. The set saw some of the trademark Red stage moments like singer Michael Barnes and bassist Randy Armstrong getting face-to-face and screaming the lyrics for “Death of Me” but also saw Armstrong and twin brother and guitarist Anthony Armstrong taking spots in facing balconies to finish “Breathe Into Me,” and the set, up-close-and-personal with the fans. The biggest demonstration was up next, with Starset dressed in the futuristic clothes and out of this world sound. They lit the stage with blinding LED lights, lasers, and fog and, during “Trials,” singer Dustin Bates and the rest of the band waved large flags as if it were a call to arms. While they blew the crowd away, it was hard to see the band for the majority of the set as they brought a stage production to a club setting that was more apt for an arena show. Despite this, though, it was a show that was mind-blowing and impressive and the crowd absolutely loved every minute of the show and were deafening for the entire night, making for a night that they wouldn’t forget. -Tim Stepp