Live: Slaves live-streamed album release show from the Whisky A Go Go

Just days before releasing their fourth album- To Better Days, Slaves wasn’t about to let a global pandemic stop them from playing an album release show for their fans. The only difference was that it was a live streamed show via

The show was broadcast live from the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood so fans were able to see the band play on a legitimate venue stage with all the production they normally bring with them- this was not a stripped down show at all. 

The live-stream setup isn’t anything new during the COVID pandemic but a lot of bands are starting to take advantage and it’s a very cool concept; Basically, fans can purchase one of a few ticket packages- one is just a regular ticket to the live-streamed concert but other packages include album copies, concert merch in the band’s merch store, a virtual meet and greet via Zoom and more. For this show, Slaves offered a $10 ticket to view the show or a $15 bundle that included a ticket to watch the show but also a digital copy of To Better Days.

To Better Days is the band’s first album with new singer Matt McAndrew so they’ve been eager to hit the stage with the new material for awhile now and it showed on the live stream and, while some fans got lucky and were able to see the band play live with McAndrew when he first joined the band mid-tour, there’s still a huge population of the fanbase that hasn’t but they got more than they bargained for with the live-streamed album release show. 

The band’s joy and excitement was infectious during the show and shone through heavily and they didn’t hold back as- much like every other band- they haven’t been able to play live in a very long time so they took full advantage. 

It’s clear they’re in a good place as a band and McAndrew brought a fresh energy to the lineup and live arsenal that Slaves have been needing for awhile now. They packed the set with songs from To Better Days and had fun, reminding fans that they could take their masks off to sing along at home to the songs. 

Any fan of Slaves will love the new vibe of the band and, if the live-streamed show was any sign of what fans will get from Slaves when the live circuit resumes, they may not be able to be so patient anymore. 

-Reggie Edwards