Live: Sevendust in Covington

Sevendust are a band that always deliver live and they recently hit the Madison Theater in Covington, Ky. with support from Enmy, Life After This and Asayda. This was a new tour package as 3/4 of the bill hadn’t toured together regularly so expectations were high. Asayda was first up. THEY KILLED IT! Fans absolutely loved this local band as they were a great opener for the night as the energy they projected was set high and strong. They were really good and set the tone for the evening. Life After This was strong as well but, out of all the bands, they were the least memorable. This could be chalked down to the layout of the songs they played not being good. While fans liked most of the songs they played, they featured some “softer\” rock songs at the wrong times and did not ease the audience into them. Enmy was up next and fans really needed them to come out with a lot of energy since they were drained by the \”up and down\” mixed random rock that Life After This provided, Enmy came out and did indeed wake the crowd up. The energy was good and the layout of songs flowed very well. The stage presence of the band was good. Next up to close out the night was the almighty Sevendust. As always, Sevendust delivered- the stage presence was on point along with the song layout but it’s hard to find a Sevendust concert that isn’t good. The energy is always high and the interaction with the crowd was great! They ended with an encore with the song choice of \”Face To Face,\” which couldn’t have ended any better. -Skip \”Rampage\” Raddison