Live: Sevendust 20th Anniversary in Maryland

Sevendust is currently out celebrating the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut album by playing a short 5 date tour with Never Your Zero and He Is Legend. Even though there are limited dates we were able to catch the show at Rams Head Live in Baltimore MD.

Never Your Zero is one of the most surprising up and coming bands right now. I had never listened to them or heard of them but their set was absolutely unreal. They were an extremely tight as a group, their energy was off the charts and the music sounded fantastic. I definitely recommend catching these guys live at least once.

He Is Legend is a blast live. Vocalist Schuylar Croom is so overly passionate on stage and the crowd feeds off of that so much. I had a hard time hearing them between songs when he talked but I think he just talked too fast, other than that their set was pretty damn awesome. They did a short cover of Spoonman (Soundgarden) at the end of their set that was fantastic.

Finally Sevendust took the stage. Lajon spoke a lot during the set pointing out that there were faces in the crowd that he recognized from 20 years ago and how happy he was to be back in Baltimore. They played their self titled album in its entirety and it was perfect. The guys did not miss a single beat. Hearing “Bitch” and “Too Close to Hate” was the highlight of the night for me.

Every time I\’ve seen Sevendust live it\’s been amazing but this time was different. This was a big deal to the band and it showed in their set. All 5 dates have already wrapped up and if you missed it, you definitely missed out.