Live Review: Nita Strauss in Angola

Nita Strauss’ Winter Wasteland Tour made its final 1st leg stop at Angola, Ind.’s Eclectic Room before some much-needed time off after doing 30 shows in 38 days. For those who do not one of the top female guitar players in the world, her stage energy is absolutely off the charts and she’s also one of the guitarists for Alice Cooper’s band.

She started touring with her own band at the age of 14, leaving high school her junior year to pursue music like many other musicians have before her. She was initially known for her work in the all-female tribute Iron Maiden tribute band, The Iron Maidens, but has also performed with several rock bands. Strauss has also been featured in several other ventures involving WWE.

Opening the show was former Soulfly guitarist, Marc Rizzo, who has also released four solo instrumental albums and for this show being 80% instrumental it was a great way to start. Rizzo shredded his solo instrumental off his latest album- Living Shred Volume 1- and shred he did and, as a special treat for the fans in attendance, he played a Sepultura track joined by Strauss drummer and Manager, Josh Villalta.

Black Satellite took the stage next and really showed their NYC flare with lead vocalist Larissa Vale wearing her spiked jacket and big black boots. She showed the style and hearing the vocals that Vale belted out with her classic microphone set the tone for Strauss to finish off the show.

From the moment Strauss stepped onto the stage, the energy was high and she immediately started shredding. Joined by a full band, she would play her instrumental tunes off her Controlled Chaos album, “Our Darkest Hour” and title track “Controlled Chaos” as well as her latest and first track with guest vocals, “Dead Inside” which features David Draiman. Though he was not live in person for the song it was still cool to hear it performed.

-Brien Mitchum