Live Review: Ice Nine Kills in Baltimore

Ice Nine Kills fans in Baltimore Maryland decided to ditch the Black Friday madness to flock to Rams Head Live to catch their sold-out show, some even decked out as their favorite horror characters. For this round of their Severed Leg tour, they brought along with them Bad Omens, Currents and Fame on Fire.

Opening the night was Fame on Fire. These guys have gained a lot of traction over the last year and fans were pumped to see their set. They played their hits “Her Eyes,” “Not Dead Yet” and their cover of Linkin Parks “Numb” which fans went absolutely nuts for.

Currents were up next and they dominated the stage, playing hits off of their 2020 release The Way it Ends like “A Flag to Wave” and Monsters” before Bad Omens took over and fans were buzzing with excitement for their set.

They opened their set with “The Death of Peace of Mind,” the newest single from their upcoming 2022 album and the ominous lighting they chose for their set really set the mood for their setlist and fans seemed to love it.

Finally, it was time for Ice Nine Kills. One of the best things about their sets is the amount of detail they put into their production. From the microphone stand to their makeup/costume changes they put so much work and effort into putting on their theatrical performance rather than just going on stage and playing for a crowd.

It is truly fascinating to see how this band has transformed over the years and of all their tours, this is their best yet. Their entire setlist was comprised of their last two releases, The Silver Scream and Welcome to Horrorwood: The Silver Scream 2- including their two newest and most popular songs Hip to be Scared and Rainy Day.

They did play “Communion of the Cursed” from their 2015 release Every Trick in the Book– which fans went wild for. Between crowd surfing fans and at times not even being able to hear singer Spencer Charnas’ vocals over the sold-out crowd singing their set was absolutely phenomenal.

Hands down, Ice Nine Kills is always a “must-see” band even for fans that might not be familiar with all of their songs. If you like horror and theatrics, Ice Nine Kills is a band for you.

-Tera Ford