Live: I Prevail brings True Power to Indianapolis

I Prevail have dominantly become one of the heavy-hitters in rock and metal over the last six years or so and every time they hit Indianapolis, the show sells out almost immediately. When they announced their True Power tour with support from Pierce The Veil and Fit For A King, things followed suit and sold out quickly.  All three bands had a deafening reaction from the Egyptian Room crowd, with Fit For A King getting things started off strongly and this lineup is a home run of a bill.  After Yours Truly wrapped up their set, Fit For A King took over and things escalated quickly. With a seven-song set, playing mainly songs from Dark Skies and their upcoming seventh album, The Hell We Create, and the crowd was all for it. The band told a few stories and made sure they connected with the fans on every level, making sure they were primed and ready for Pierce The Veil. When PTV took the stage, it was hard to tell if more fans were there for PTV or I Prevail. The ocean of cheers, screams and energy was drowning and it was clear the fans were just as ready for the first PTV tour in five years as the band was.  Everything the band gave the crowd, the crowd gave back tenfold and, at times, you couldn’t hear the band sing because the fans were so loud and, as singer Vic Fuentes announced he and his wife’s pregnancy, the crowd showed even more love.  By the time I Prevail hit the stage, the fans were ready as ever and drowned out the band from the opening note of “There’s Fear In Letting Go” and “Body Bag.” With the band’s third album, True Power having released just a month prior, the fans already knew every word to every song and, if you didn’t already know it was a new album, you would have thought the songs had been out for years judging from the fans’ participation.  Over half of their set consisted of songs from True Power while they threw in Trauma and Lifelines tracks here and there but fans didn’t seem to care at all and fully embraced the new tracks.  As the sea of crowd surfers continued to come over the rail, it was clear they got everything they came for and more. -Reggie Edwards