Live: Pop Evil and Citizen Zero in Baltimore

Recently Pop Evil came through Baltimore Maryland making a stop at Rams Head Live with Citizen Zero. I always love catching Pop Evil every time they come around because every time they play it\’s always a fun show no matter what.

Opening the show was local boys Fatally Yours. I was not too familiar with their music but their live show was impressive. It seemed like everyone in the band worked extremely well together on stage, they had a really solid sound that the crowd got behind and their energy was really good. I would be extremely interested in catching them again.

Up next was Citizen Zero. I have never seen them live before so my expectations were a bit high since I have been non-stop jamming their new album “State of Mind”. Needless to say I was not let down. I was impressed with the covers and the crazy guitar shredding, even the super cool marquee lights behind them. Overall I will definitely be seeing them the next time they come around.

Lastly there was Pop Evil. I was super excited to see their new drummer Hayley Cramer. She came out and owned that stage. So did every other member of the band. Now I\’ve seen Pop Evil at least six times now and this by far was the best they have sounded together as a band. Vocalist Leigh Kakaty claimed to be sick before playing “100 in a 55” but you could have fooled me. He sounded better than ever. It was like hearing them for the first time all over again and yes I even had goosebumps. Even with the mixing of old and new song I was still overly impressed with how the band sounded. They truly outdid themselves this time.

This was a really fun night and I can tell that overall it\’s been a fun tour. All the merchandise was really cool (especially the art from Fatally Yours) and all the bands sounded at their very best. Pop Evil still has some dates left on this tour, some with Citizen Zero, some with Red Sun Rising and some with Badflower. Make sure you check their website and catch a date if you can.

-Tera Ford

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