Live: Pop Evil bring Rock And Roll to life in Indy

In a world where rock and roll fans want nothing more than to see rock music at the forefront of music again, Pop Evil has taken it upon themselves to assemble one hell of a touring package in Badflower and Red Sun Rising for the Rock and Roll Tour: Right Now, bringing fans together for a night of unity, intensity and rock and roll. The tour recently hit Indianapolis’ Deluxe and, although Red Sun Rising wasn’t on the bill, Indy’s own Eyes On Fire were and they completely burned the house down (pun intended). They’ve been a mainstay in the Indianapolis rock scene for a few years now and- if a band as strong as Red Sun Rising isn’t going to be on the show they’re touring for, why not have a band with a connection to the Indianapolis crowd? It paid off and Eyes On Fire set the bar high for not only Badflower but Pop Evil as well. After an impressive set from Badlflower that saw their bluesy, gritty rock and roll more than impress the Indianapolis crowd, the lights went down and Alice Cooper’s “Feed My Frankenstein” came blaring over the speakers to a deafening roar from the crowd. As the lights went up, Pop Evil had taken the stage and smoke launched up from the front of the stage as singer Leigh Kakaty waved a giant flag while the band ripped into “Trenches.” After “Last Man Standing” the band launched into a cover of Survivor’s “Eye Of The Tiger” before continuing the onslaught with “Ways To Get High.” Add in the rest of the hits- “Torn To Pieces,” “Deal With The Devil,” “Footsteps,” “If Only For Now,” “100 In A 55” and others,  it was clear Pop Evil was on a mission to make sure the name of this tour wasn’t just a name- they wanted to bring it to life. Over the last year or so, it seemed like Pop Evil was losing some of their punch when you saw them live. They didn’t seem like they were having as much fun but in Indianapolis, it couldn’t have been more opposite. Kakaty was grinning from ear to ear and the rest of the band was so fierce it was like watching an explosion right before your eyes. If any band personifies what rock and roll is all about, it’s Pop Evil. When you picture what a rock and roll band is, when you envision what a rock and roll concert would be like, Pop Evil is that band. They’ve always been one of the most powerful bands live and the Rock And Roll Tour: Right Now is absolutely now exception. -Reggie Edwards \"Pop