Live: Pop Evil in Baltimore

Pop Evil have been unstoppable over the last five years and with their most recent self-titled release, they show no signs of slowing down. They\’re currently out with Palaye Royale and Black Map for the Music over Words tour which I was recently able to catch at Soundstage in Baltimore Maryland.

I have heard nothing but amazing things about opener Palaye Royale. I was somewhat familiar with their song “Mr. Doctor Man” going into the night and liked what I heard. They played it towards the end of their set and it was absolutely amazing.

The band as a whole has a really awesome appearance on stage as well as each member of the band being equally as interesting on their own. Their crowd interactions were a lot of fun to watch and their fans came out in full force to cheer them on.

Black Map is one band you have to see live at least once right now. It\’s just 3 guys on stage having a good time playing really good music. Vocalist Ben Flanagan has such a fantastic voice that moves the crowd. They played their hits “Ruin” and “Heavy Waves”.

Finally it was time for Pop Evil. They kicked off their set with “Ways to Get High” instantly amping up to crowd for one killer set. They went on to play “Boss’s Daughter” and “Torn to Pieces.”

A solid first 3 of hits and they were just getting started. The chemistry and energy that this band has on stage is truly amazing.

There\’s always movement and it always looks like the show is just as fun for them as it is for the fans. Frontman Leigh Kakaty has one phenomenal voice which was fantastically displayed during their newest hit “Waking Lions”. They went on to play “Deal With the Devil” and “Take It All”.

-Tera Ford