Live: Picturesque in Indianapolis

Picturesque is one of those bands who may not be household names yet but it’s only a matter of time and, when they hit the road, their fans turn out in droves so it came as no surprise when they hit Indy’s Emerson Theater with Slaves, Escape the Fate and Famous Last Words, the place was pretty full.

After Set To Stun closed out a set that saw massive crowd participation and the band finding their way into the crowd, Picturesque took over and things were automatically elevated in every way. They breezed through a seven-song set that saw singer Kyle Hollis showcasing vocals that were as vivid as they were dominant and his high notes were just flawless.

On a musical level, the band sounded crisp and were as tight as ever and it translated to the crowd, who took the energy from the band and gave it right back, making for a special experience. The fans who showed up early for their set were there for a reason- they knew every word and were as ready for Picturesque as they were for the headliners.

Closing out the night were strong performances from Famous Last Words, Escape the Fate and Slaves, who made sure to boost the adrenaline even more, sending everyone home having had the night of their lives.

-Reggie Edwards