Live: Passion Worship Nights In America closes tour in Indy

When Louie Giglio founded the Passion Movement 21 years ago, he never would have thought there would eventually be conferences, albums or national tours, but enter 2018 and that’s exactly what Passion has become- a national movement that’s become the driving force behind much of today’s modern worship.

The latest tour- Passion: Worship Nights in America, recently closed it’s 2018 leg in Indianapolis, hitting Carmel’s Northview Church for a one-of-a-kind night of worship and inspiration that would stay with those in attendance long after they left.

The night started with Travis Greene and his band, who jump-started the evening with a powerful set that was centered around overcoming obstacles. Greene talked about his son, who was born so prematurely that he wasn’t supposed to live. Now, his son is four years old and shows no signs of prematurity. Their set had everyone all over the Sanctuary on their feet, arms raised and feeling the Spirit on every level.

Following them was the Passion Band, who played a long set loaded with traditional and popular worship tracks mixed with newer original songs they wanted to show the crowd to get them ready for the next Passion album release; whether an older or newer song, fans loved every minute of it and their set was met with just as much energy from the crowd as the band gave out onstage.

Before the band wrapped things up with one last worship set, Louie Giglio took the stage to deliver one of the most powerful and inspiring messages you’ll hear.

He spoke on the theme of the tour- Faith is Greater than Fear, challenging those in attendance to let their faith take control of their lives and to stop separating “church talk” from “real talk.” He touched on the times in the New Testament when Jesus tried to teach his Disciples to trust in God through their biggest challenges and troubles.

When God put them through hard times, they eventually got through it with the help of Jesus. They were on a boat in the midst of a huge storm so they went and got Jesus to help calm it so you would think, Giglio said, that they would remember that when things got tough again. This time, around, they called on Jesus and he came walking toward them, on top of the Sea- walking on the water.

Giglio said you would think the Disciples would have known it was Jesus coming toward them but, instead, they panicked, thinking he was a ghost. He still helped them through it, regardless, but Giglio talked about how sometimes God can put us through trials and tribulations right after we got through one, to see if we’ve learned anything from before.

Giglio also touched on how depression and anxiety have been allowed to become normal in America and even discussed his own battles with depression and how it was only through the power of Jesus that he was able to come out of a hole he didn’t even know existed a decade before.

He called out to those in attendance to let Jesus take control of their personal demons, first and foremost to get help for them but to also put trust in God that He will be able to get them through it.

In the end, Giglio lived up to his reputation as one of the most enthralling and attention-grabbing speakers and Pastors in the Ministry today. From the very start of his sermon to the last breath of it, everyone was sitting with their eyes on him and not breaking their focus until he was finished.

When the night was over, everyone was able to come away with something special and there is no doubt the Lord was moving at Northview Church on this night.

-Reggie Edwards

Travis Greene Band


Louie Giglio