Live: Papa Roach in Indianapolis

Not too long ago, there was a time when not many rock bands could sell well in Indianapolis. It could easily be traced back to 2012 when active rock station X103 stopped playing rock and shifted to pop and alternative. At that time, promotion dropped off and not many fans were aware of when their favorite bands were coming to town. Because of this, bands like Papa Roach would only sell well if a traveling festival like Uproar or Mayhem (both now-defunct) came through. However, fast forward to 2018 and things have changed drastically. Between a growing number of online publications and photographers getting the word out and new promoters, the Indianapolis rock scene is flourishing again and, when Papa Roach brought their Crooked Teeth World Tour to town, the Egyptian Room was completely sold out- not only did fans know the band’s new material- but they were also just as excited for newer bands Nothing More and Escape The Fate- something that wouldn’t have been the case five or six years ago. It also helped that all three bands have new albums out in the last calendar year and fans ate up the new songs from Escape The Fate and were singing along so loudly you would have thought their voices were going to go out before Papa Roach even took the stage. As if that wasn’t enough, Nothing More took over next and the energy immediately went up a notch. With just two official records under their belts, the band started to gather buzz when they released the lead single- “This Is The Time” from their debut record and, when their sophomore album released, they were set at almost headline level. Their live show is one that put them on the map and the Indianapolis show was no exception. Whether they’re headlining or on the bill as direct support, Nothing More makes sure to give the exact same show to the crowd and they held the Indianapolis faithful in the palm of their hands, giving back every ounce of energy that got thrown at the stage, especially when joined by Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix, which led to a massive eruption from the fans. Before too long it was time for Papa Roach, who had a perfectly-balanced setlist of classic material and new songs, making a quick knockout punch that took fans on a journey that demanded every ounce of energy and stamina they had to give- and then more. It’s a feeling you can’t put into words when a band and crowd are completely in sync and that’s exactly what this show was- any song Papa Roach threw at the fans, they gave right back, singing louder than the band at some points. If any word can sum up this show, energy would be that word. The thing that separates rock and metal from any other genre of music is the emotion and family. It doesn’t matter what you have going on at home or in your life, when you set foot in a rock show, everything else goes out the window and everyone around you picks you up, dusts you off and helps you let go of everything you’re holding onto; and that’s what has made Papa Roach last as long as they have. -Reggie Edwards Nothing More Papa Roach