Live: Outcry Tour in Phoenix

Fans upon fans piled into Vineyard Church North Phoenix for the annual event of Outcry Tour that took place on Thursday evening. Every seat was filled and the sound from each of the different artists resonated throughout the room the entire night.

The fans were already on their feet before the event started when music blared from the speakers and lights flashed around the room getting people excited for the major artists that were preparing to take the Phoenix stage.

The first two artists were Chad Veach and Martin Smith who were backed by instrumentals from Local Sound with a guest appearance from some of the members of the headliner, Jesus Culture. The two musicians showcased their artistry and passion for their work while also engaging the crowd in song, welcoming them to be a part of the show.

As the more popular artists like Bethel Music and Lauren Daigle took the stage, the crowd erupted into full-blown praise and worship. This is the powerful sight that sets Contemporary Christian Music shows apart from the rest.

The two musicians played some of their widely known hits like Bethel Music’s “No Longer Slaves” or Daigle’s “Come Alive (Dry Bones)” that caused a ripple effect of hands flying into the air, legs dropping to their knees and voices lifting up and belting out the lyrics.

There was power even in moments where the bands would play a lesser known song and the fans would fill the room not with their voices but with their ability to be present in that moment listening to the songs.

The huge contrast in pace of the music also played a big role in the artists’ energy, which caused a contrast in the fans’ energy. One song would bring strength and renew hope within the audience and others would highlight soft moments and naturally would slow down the movements.

The last artist to take the stage was Jesus Culture. The stage came alive and the audience stretched their arms out further and further as if to almost reach the heavens from their seats. They cultivated such a spectacular ending with their lights and their stage presence.

With hits “Fierce”, “In The River” and “Miracles”, fans clung onto the band members’ passion and celebrated the evening with such joy. The show became less about the headliners and the musicians and more about the fans and how each artist was able to allow them to make it their own show.

The audience left in awe of what they just witnessed: a show that was personalized in themselves and within each person. Friends would look at each other after and know that each of them experienced something different, and those differences were indeed unifying.

Thank you for an amazing show, Outcry Tour. Until next time, Phoenix wants you back in 2018.

-Emma Sounart