Live: Otep in Indianapolis

Otep once said she would be retiring from music after her 2013 release- Hydra. Fast forward a few years and she\’s back with not just a new album in Generation Doom and a new label at Napalm, but she\’s hit the road again for a massive “comeback” tour that has hit almost every state and proves Otep is still one of the most powerful forces in all of metal. Otep has brought out Doll Skin, Through Fire, September Mourning and Lacey Sturm for support on tour and she says it\’s one of the strongest and one of her most favorite tour package and she couldn\’t be more correct. The tour stopped off in Indianapolis recently and opened with newcomers Doll Skin hitting the stage for a set that had everyone in awe. With only one member of the band is over 18 years old but they shred and slay as good as any. There\’s no telling what Doll Skin can accomplish if they live up to their full potential- and there\’s a lot of it. Not long after they finished up, Through Fire took over to take things up a few notches. Formed from the ashes of Emphatic, their stage presence was intense. They brought the heat and took the stage with such ferocity, the crowd didn\’t know what hit them. Their set was loaded with surprises- including the couple in the crowd who got engaged mid-concert. Through Fire wrapped things up with the lead-single from their upcoming debut record- “Stronger,” which gave goosebumps, chills and proved Through Fire will be something big. September Mourning followed things up with a set that echoed Gemini Syndrome-meets-Marilyn Manson-meets-Nine Inch Nails and, with a full-length record on the way, their momentum is only continuing to grow. Not long after September Mourning finished up, it was time for Lacey Sturm to make her return to the stage in Indianapolis. Fresh off the release of her debut full-length record- Life Screams– Sturm had a lot of momentum going into the Generation Doom tour and it continued in Indianapolis. She kicked things off with “Impossible” and “The Soldier” and things were off to an explosive start. Her set was one that longtime fans of Sturm and Flyleaf alike with tracks from the debut Flyleaf record as well as a “Heavy Prey,” which she wrote for the Underworld soundtrack. Add “I\’m Not Laughing,” “Rot,” and “Vanity” to the mix and her set- while short- was beautifully crafted. She even took some time to talk about her faith- not pushing it on anyone- but laying it out there for those who may have needed to hear about it and who could connect with her. Before too long, it was the moment most in the crowd had come for and Otep took the stage, yelling five simple words that could incite a riot- “Indianapolis, are you battle ready!?” The capacity crowd lost their mind and the party had started. Genration Doom is an album loaded with tracks that are perfect to be played live and that\’s exactly what Otep did in Indy, including the most songs from a new album in a few cycles. “Zero,” “Generation Doom,” “In Cold Blood, “Equal Rights, Equal Lefts” and “Lords of War” all found their way into the setlist, matching up beautifully with classics like “Blood Pigs,” TRIC,” “Crooked Spoons” and others. Otep was on top of her game as always, using the stage as her own battle ground, leading the Indianapolis army into war, the Otep faithful happy to oblige, screaming, circle pitting, moshing and coming together as one. When you think of an Otep concert, this show is exactly what you imagine. A dark, dingy venue with people packed from front to back, the screams of the almighty Otep herself echoing from wall to wall and out to the street. One thing is for sure, Otep is back with a vengeance and she\’s taking all who will come with her. -Reggie Edwards Click here for exclusive photos of all four bands