Live: One Eyed Doll in Pittsburgh

Can you think of a band that is better to spend Friday the 13th with other than the one and only One-Eyed Doll. Neither could I, so I spent it with them at the concert in Pittsburgh Pa at the beautifully remodeled Mr. Smalls Theater.

They were playing in the newest playroom at Mr. Smalls, which was a little small, but pretty much filled to capacity. All their usual fans were there just like always following the tour around.

Kimberly Freeman and Jason Sewell a.k.a. “Junior” were in high spirits as they played through classics like “Be My Friend” but little did we know it was just about to get real different.

Much to my surprise and to several others as well they brought up a bass player and a drummer and “Junior” came up front to play lead guitar.

I am very pleased to say that “Junior” is one hell of fine guitar player. It would only take a few seconds of the Pink Floyd cover of “Comfortably Numb” for all of us too realize that “Junior” can fucking shred with the best of them.

They all rocked out to song after song, at one point playing nearly the entire new album Something Wicked. This was the band in rare form and they all played with a renewed sense of purpose.

Kimberly was breath taking as humanly possible as she let a rare unseen side of her come to life. This was a side of her rarely seen before and it was fantastic.

This was also a side to the band that we never thought could happen and it’s working exceptionally well for them. It renews my hopes for this all too underrated band and makes me wonder…what’s next!?

-Eric Hunker