Live: One Eyed Doll and Eyes Set to Kill in Indianapolis

One Eyed Doll and Eyes Set to Kill have hit the road together for the Visions Tour- a tour that’s perfect in every way- from the name all the way down to the show itself. As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve brought Chicago up-and-comers Open Your Eyes out on the road with them, making the tour name even more fitting and the trek recently made a stop at Indy’s Emerson Theater. Normally, Emerson Theater shows feature an overwhelming amount of local bands opening the show, but since the new owners took over, that number has gone exponentially down. This show featured only three local openers and each put on impressive shows. After just a few hours, Open Your Eyes took the stage and completely changed the game and raised the bar. Their mix of punk, radio rock and metal was infectious and there’s no denying they have what it takes to become one of the heavy hitters on today’s rock world. Not long after they finished, it was time for the almighty One Eyed Doll to slay the crowd- and slay them they did. With just two members- drummer Junior Sewell and singer/guitarist Kimberly Freeman, One Eyed Doll have one of the most monstrous sounds you’ll find. Currently supporting their latest record- Witches, which centers on the Salem Witch Trials, One Eyed Doll were fully-loaded with a juggernaut setlist. Not only that but they were fully loaded with props and brought the full show to Indy. Frontwoman Kimberly Freeman lurked around the stage like a woman possessed and went back and forth between sweet, beautiful sweetheart singer and ferocious, beautiful screaming monster. From time to time she brought out various items- such as a severed leg, severed hand, a collection of hats and other things that helped get the message of the music across more and even brought a young girl on stage who was in the front row the entire show singing along with every song. By the time they were done with their hour-plus long set, they’d made more disciples and followers than they came with. The night was capped when Eyes Set To Kill took the stage and destroyed whatever was left from the wake of One Eyed Doll. Just a few years removed from their Century Media debut- Masks- the band has undergone a few lineup changes since the album released but it\’s only made them a stronger unit. They played a mix of classics, material from Masks and even a new track from their upcoming album, any generation of Eyes Set to Kill fan was right at home. After they finished they asked everyone to meet up with them at the merch table and it\’s obvious everyone did. -Reggie Edwards Click here for photos of both One Eyed Doll and Eyes Set to Kill