Live: Obituary, Exodus and Power Trip in Baltimore

The Battle of the Bays tour featuring Power Trip, Obituary and Exodus just made a stop in Baltimore Maryland. This tour could not be anymore perfect in my opinion because the energy that every single band brings to the stage is unreal and the crowd is just as passionate.

Power Trip took the stage first. Their set was focused around their most recent album Nightmare Logic playing songs such as “Soul Sacrifice”, “Executioners Tax (Swing of the Axe)” and my personal favorite from the album “Firing Squad”. They also played “Murderers Row” and “Conditioned to Death” from their 2013 release Manifest Decimation.

Obituary has been on my list of must-see bands for years now and it was absolutely worth the wait. They played a good selection off of their newest album Obituary such as “A Lesson in Vengeance” and “Turned to Stone”. They also played “Slowly We Rot” and “Don\’t Care”.

Closing the night was the almighty Exodus. They didn\’t focus as much on their 2014 release Blood in Blood Out as they had in previous tours, although they did play the title track. They also played the usual songs “A Lesson in Violence”, “The Toxic Waltz” and my all time favorite song “Blacklist”. They ended their set with “Strike of the Beast” which was amazing. There is never a dull moment during an Exodus show and the crowd is always as wild and rowdy as possible.

This has been my favorite tour so far this year and maybe even my favorite tour period. The Battle of the Bays tour runs through October 15th.

-Tera Ford

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