Live: Nickelback in Noblesville

It’s been almost 5 years since Nickelback played Noblesville, Ind.’s Klipsch Music Center. They were scheduled to play in 2015 in support of No Fixed Address, but singer Chad Kroeger had to have surgery on his larynx so the band was forced to cancel the rest of the tour. Then, earlier this year, their show at the same venue had to be rescheduled due to flooding from a massive rain storm. In August, the show finally happened and sold 2,000 more tickets than the original date had sold, making the show even louder than it would have been in June. Opening the show was Shaman’s Harvest who, though relatively unknown in the Indianapolis (thanks, lack of a rock radio station), went over very well with the Indy crowd, strongly due to their strong southern rock roots. Following them was Daughtry, who last played Indianapolis two years ago with Goo Goo Dolls and was more than ready to rock the crowd. “We’ve been waiting literally all tour to see you guys,” said leader Chris Daughtry. Of the three bands on the bill, Daughtry was the most animated and took advantage of both sides of the stage and made sure everyone in the crowd was part of the show. Closing the show were Nickelback, who were on the heels of their latest record- Feed the Machine, and their set was loaded mainly with older Nickelback tracks- only featuring two songs from the new record and none from its predecessor- No Fixed Address. The near-capacity crowd didn’t care, though in fact, they preferred it that way, so it seemed. Playing for over 2 hours, the band took breaks between numerous songs for Jager Bombs and frontman Kroeger taking every opportunity to address the crowd- sometimes fun and sometimes it was clear the alcohol was taking over. Toward the end of the show, the time for the encore and conclusion of the set had come but Kroeger wasn’t quite ready to be done. Earlier in the night he had mentioned the band had a full week off following the night’s show; since he wasn’t ready to stop, he asked what the fine was for going over and, “after the local sheriff\’s department said it was only $2,500” to go past curfew, Kroeger decided nothing would happen since they had a police escort lined up anyway, so the band played two or three more songs before wrapping it up with “Burn It To the Ground.” \"Click               Shaman’s Harvest Setlist:
  1.   Red Hands Black Deeds (Prelude)
  2.   The Devil in Our Wake
  3.   Broken Ones
  4.   Dirty Diana(Michael Jackson cover)
  5.   Blood in The Water
  6.   Country As Fuck
  7.   The Come Up
  8.   In Chains
  9.   Dragonfly (with Behind Blue Eyes intro)
Daughtry Setlist:
  1.   Go Down
  2.   Feels Like Tonight
  3.   Crawling Back to You
  4.   Waiting for Superman
  5.   Life After You
  6.   Nothing Else Matters (Metallica cover)
  7.   Back Bone
  8.   It\’s Not Over
  9.   Home
  10. September
  11. Over You
Nickelback Setlist:
  1.   Feed the Machine
  2.   Woke Up This Morning
  3.   Photograph
  4.   Far Away
  5.   Too Bad
  6.   Someday
  7.   Lullaby
  8.   Song on Fire
  9.   Something in Your Mouth
  10. Rockstar (with fans Amber and Jerry on the vocals)
  11. Hotel California  (The Eagles cover)
  12. When We Stand Together
  13. Animals
  14. Figured You Out
  15. How You Remind Me
  1. Gotta Be Somebody
  2. If Today Was Your Last Day
  3. If Everyone Cared (Chad negotiates with sheriff\’s dept. for more time.
  4. This Afternoon
  5. Burn It to the Ground