Live: New Year\’s Day in Angola

New Year’s Day brought their Unbreakable Tour 2019 to the Eclectic Room in Angola, Indiana and they did not disappoint the small but hyped up crowd. The high energy of Ash Costello and the guys in the band flowed through the crowd and made a memorable rock show for the fans that were in attendance. The set list included the newest single, “Come For Me” “I Need a Gangsta” a metal version of the pop song, and of course the track that fans love “Skeletons.” The lights and effects brought forth an earie presence to the set which made for great experience. The opening act for New Years Day- “Eva Under Fire” warmed up the crowd with some good heavy music and also had good energy, along with “Six Feet to Salvation” a more local band that had banging guitar rifts and a lead singer with some deep vocals. Overall a good show for a Friday night. The eclectic room always has good shows from bands that are doing smaller tours getting ready for the big summer tour, so its always nice to have a place to see a more intimate show from some good bands. -Brien Mitchum