Live: In This Moment brings Half God Half Devil Tour to Baltimore

The Half God Half Devil tour featuring Gemini Syndrome, Avatar, Motionless In White and In This Moment has recently made a stop at Rams Head Live in Baltimore Maryland. This year there has been a lot of heavy hitting tours but in my opinion, this is in my opinion one of the best so far.

Gemini Syndrome opened up the show. Every single time I see them they seem to get better and better. Their latest album Memento Mori has already given us “Remember We Die” and “Eternity” but luckily for the crowd, tonight they played a little bit more off of that album including “Sorry Not Sorry”. They also played their number one hit from Lux “Stardust”. It was pretty awesome to almost not be able to hear vocalist Aaron Nordstrom for the chorus of “Stardust”. It just shows how dedicated their fanbase really is.

Next up was Avatar, who is easily in my top 10 favorite live bands ever. Their performance is one of a kind and they clearly have fun doing it. They opened with “Hail the Apocalypse” which is definitely my favorite song by them. They also played their newest song “New Land” in which vocalist Johannes Eckerström did a pretty cool build up for the song. They also played hits such as “The Eagle has Landed” and their hit song “Smells Like A Freakshow”.

Motionless In White is interesting every single time I see them live. Frontman Chris Motionless never stands still on stage and their whole production is not only slightly creepy, but it is very awesome especially for people who are fans of Halloween. They even have carved plastic pumpkins on stage with them. One thing I will say about Motionless is that their fans are die hard and dedicated. The band played a few of their newer songs such as “Eternally Yours” and “Loud (Fuck It)” as well as the most catchy song of theirs “A-M-E-R-I-C-A” and my favorite “Reincarnate”.

Lastly, In This Moment took to the stage with their badass stage set up and over the top performance. Not to mention the amount of fog used was pretty excessive for an indoor venue, but that definitely added on to how kick ass the band looked. It was very cool to see frontwoman Maria Brink bring it down a notch or two with the songs on this tour. Playing some ballad type songs worked in her favor and absolutely added to the intimate factor of the show. They played hits such as “Whore”, “Black Widow” and “Sick Like Me”.

It is almost impossible to not love one thing about any of the bands on this tour. Every single band is insanely talented and between the amazing music and the stage performances there is some “wow factor” in there for everyone. The tour runs right on into the month of May for festival season.

-Tera Ford





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