Live: Ministry in Baltimore

Ministry and Death Grips recently wrapped up a limited date tour across the US and we were lucky enough to catch the tour at the Fillmore in Silver Spring Maryland.

Death Grips opened up the night with one of the most interesting performances I have ever seen. These guys fit into so many different genres that it\’s impossible to classify them and it all works perfectly together.

There was absolutely no lights except for green and multicolored laser pointers shooting from the tips of gloves worn by members of the group for the first half of their set that made for one killer light show.

The crowd was super into these guys, screaming and cheering during and after every song. Death Grips put on one hell of a performance that I would love to experience again.

Ministry had a bit of a sound issue before their set, delaying it about 20 minutes. Frontman Al Jourgensen came out and addressed the crowd about the issue which was pretty cool.

The stage setup was awesome with two giant inflatable chickens resembling Donald Trump with crossed out swastikas on their breasts. They opened the night with “Let’s Go”, instantly amping up the crowd.

They went on to play “Antifa”, which Jourgensen spoke on briefly before diving into the song. They brought out masked flag bearers for the song as well. “N.W.O” is by far my favorite Ministry track and it was absolutely amazing live.

The crowd went insane during their set with crowd surfers in full swing and security doing one hell of a job managing them. This was my first time seeing Ministry at a venue rather than a festival and it was phenomenal.

-Tera Ford