Live: Mac Sabbath in Indianapolis

Have you ever been eating McDonalds and listening to Black Sabbath and wonder to yourself, “I wonder what would happen if someone took these things and put them together?” Well wonder no more because we have Mac Sabbath and their Pop Up Drive Thru tour recently hit Indy’s Hi-FI. With lead singer Ronald Osbourne and drummer Catburglar, guitarist Slayer MacCheeze and bassist Grimalice, the crowd knew they were in for for a night of fast food, rock and roll, fun and insanity. After Speedealer finished up a blistering set, both sides of the stage had Ronald McDonald heads above the stage and, as the giant yellow and red striped curtain dropped, the almighty Mac Sabbath took their places in front of the deafening crowd. If you thought you knew all the fast-food puns then you’ve clearly never met Ronald Osbourrne, who was adamant the band will never play with Chic-fl-ACDC because they never play on Sundays. He also talked about playing with Burger Queensryche and Jeff Tatortot; he also talked about touring with Wen-Dee Snyder before the band ripped into “We’re Not Going to Shake Shake Shack.”  Ronald also reminded the crowd they could quench their thirst at Jamba Judas Priest. Their stagehand was decked out in 50’s McDonalds employee gear and made sure to sweep the stage between songs, leading to him being voted Employee of the Month for the 24th straight month…he’s the only employee. The night ended with giant burger balloons being thrown into the crowd, followed by Ronald crowd surfing on a giant inflatable burger before finding his way back to the grill that was at the front of the stage, as he ate a giant bat burger to end the night. -Tim Stepp