Live: Mac Sabbath / Clownvis Presley in Chicago

Drive-thru metal torch bearers Mac Sabbath brought their travelling road show to Chicago’s House of Blues earlier this week, as the headlining act on the “Clown Power Tour”.  Also, on the bill was the King of Clowns, Clownvis Presley. As you may have already figured out, Mac Sabbath is a tribute band that reconstructs the lyrics of classic Black Sabbath tunes (quite well I may add!) by changing the central subject matter to revolve around the 8th wonder of the world McDonalds. Mac Sabbath puts their Drive-Thru metal spin on dozens of Sabbath tracks (ex.  Iron Man is now Frying Pan or War Pigs into More Ribs) much in the way that \”Weird Al\” Yankovic has parodied songs for years. Along with imagery from the golden arches the band members transform into classic characters as well.  Vocalist – Ronald Osbourne, Slayer MacCheeze on guitar, Grimalice on bass & Catburgler on drums. To my surprise, their performance  is a well oiled machine that lasted for an hour and fifteen minutes. Bottom Line – Mac Sabbath is a band to NOT be missed the next time they’re in your area. You can thank me later! Set List
  • More Ribs
  • Chicken for the Slaves
  • Brand of Doom
  • N.I.B.B.L.E.
  • (with band member introductions)
  • Lord of the Swirl
  • Zipping Up the Uniform
  • Organic Funeral
  • Frying Pan
  • Cherries are Fruits
  • Pair-a-Buns
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