Live: Lights in DC

Just as her name leads on, Light’s recent Washington DC show was nothing but colorful. With neon lights beaming throughout the grungy 9:30 Club venue, Lights truly set the mood, and that mood was to have fun. The night started off with the opener, Chase Atlantic, giving off a nonchalant but killer set. Reminiscent of The 1975, the leadman was high-energy but also gave off a too-cool-for-this type of vibe during the entire set. With beer bottle in hand, it was obvious they’re meant for the rockstar life. As for the music itself, I was pleasantly surprised that the band sounded just the same as their recordings. It is obvious Chase Atlantic know exactly what they’re doing, every song was tight. For a newer band, they truly impressed me with their sound and stage presence. The pure rock vibe and sound was something that is far too uncommon, Chase Atlantic was musically refreshing and they gained one more fan, that’s for sure. Later in the night, as the bass rumbled and the crowd screamed, knowing the show was about to begin, Lights entered the stage while a giant neon pink screen lit up the room, backlighting her so that all you could see was her outline. The show started off strong, with the singer performing “New Fears,” a powerful but fun song that truly got the crowd going. Her new music reminds me of an edgier Carly Rae Jepsen meets Echosmith with her electronic-pop sound. The whole vibe was happy-go-lucky and it was obvious Lights was here to show her fans a good time, even when the song topics were often angry and the equivalent to a “fuck you.” Now, I haven’t seen Lights since I was a freshman in high school, so seeing all the fans as adults, holding beers, was a culture shock to me, but it worked. New and old fans alike, the atmosphere was nothing but fun and carefree – everyone was there to dance and have fun. There’s something to be said about the way Lights’ fans are so dedicated, even 10 years later. Overall, Lights put on one hell of a show. Though the vibe was more chill, it was obvious everyone was having fun. Lights took her set to a whole new level this tour, and I’d recommend her to just about anyone. Lights