Live: The Letter Black and Waiting For Ravens Revive Us in Marion

Three years removed from their sophomore record- Rebuild, The Letter Black have signed with EMP Music and unleashed Pain, which is one of the band’s heaviest and most electronically-infused offerings yet.

Part of the support trek for the record saw the band play three nights in Indiana, all of which being “Revive Us” events hosted by Indiana’s Waiting For Ravens. One of the stops was the host band’s home church- The River Church in Marion.

Revive Us events are a very cool concept. They are put together to help bring the youth of the churches together in order to strengthen their faith before being set loose into the world. They always bring in a national christian rock band to peak the interest and this time was The Letter Black.

Local Amonte King started the night off first with a high-energy worship set that was loaded with passion that you just couldn’t deny before Waiting For Ravens took the stage.

Ravens’ set was as powerful as it was inspiring. You can tell the fire they have for ministry is a strong one and it rubs off on you. Their set was an impressive one and was one of the rare times you’ll see pyro in a church sanctuary. Whether you’re the strongest christian or the most devout atheist, there’s something to take away from Waiting For Ravens’ set.

The Letter Black finished the night off with a set that was exactly what you were looking for if you’re a Letter Black fan. There was no older material played on the evening and showed the band playing Pain from start to finish and saw Ravens’ drummer sitting in for the band. The most amazing part of the show was the fact that he only practiced the music a few times that night before taking the stage and he knocked it out of the park.

Sarah Anthony’s voice is one that can calm you in the darkest storms and her screams can scare the hell out of you with its ferocity while Mark Anthony’s guitar work has only gotten stronger and more intricate over the years.

In the end, this Revive Us event was a complete success and we can only sit patiently for the next one.

-Reggie Edwards

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