Live: LANY and machineheart in Indy

Selling out Old National’s Deluxe, The LANY Tour shared a building with, of all things, a prom last Saturday. The attire of those in line was essentially the only way to distinguish between who was going to which room, because both events were attended by the same age group. Regardless of debates over who had the most fun, Old National was certainly the place to be.

One day removed from the release of their single “Shelter,” machineheart opened the show with a bang. Their more recently released material rocks harder than what they brought to the table last time they were in Indy with Smallpools. An absolute vision, front woman Stevie Scott stole the show with her constant engagement with the crowd and dreamy demeanor.

Putting on a shorter show than most, the headliners followed immediately after. LANY knows by now not to keep a crowd of 90% teenage girls waiting. The Los Angeles three-piece has been throwing out EPs for the past three years, but are touring to promote their first full-length self-titled album in June of this year. If their goal was to stir up hype about the LP, they certainly succeeded.

LANY did an excellent job of mixing older and newer material, making sure to space out the hits to keep energy up. Their dreamy sound and charisma made the set flow smoothly, creating a cohesive experience.

With a crowd so hype, LANY didn’t necessarily have to do much work—their fans serenaded them throughout the set. With an extensive list of cities in both the U.S. and Europe, the LANY tour is whipping up a frenzy for new material that should serve the band well when they go to release LANY. With a consistent and strong fan base, there’s no telling what the band will do if they continue with this kind of momentum.

-Kelly Fox