Live: KoRn in Indy

Co-Headline tours seem to be the way metal bands are going the last few years and KoRn are the latest band to come through Noblesville, Ind. on a co-headline bill- this time with Alice in Chains and support from Underoath and Fever 333.

The night started early with Fever 333’s insanity kicking things off right. They’re still fairly new so not many people knew what they were about to experience but fell in love with the band quickly as frontman Jason Alon Butler and guitarist Stevis Harrison began running around the stage like madmen while drummer Aric Improta jumped up and down at his drum kit. 

Butler and Harrison have been known for their stage antics since before Fever was even a thought- when they were in letlive. (RIP). This show didn’t disappoint as Butler quickly found his way into the crowd, spending time in the upper Pavilion and down in the pit as well, making sure everyone was able to get close to him, at one point even taking a box from the crowd and putting it on his head as he ran down the aisles like a man possessed by metal. The set ended with Harrison up between the lower and upper Pavilions, working the crowd, then coming back down as he and Improta began swinging their guitars and drums above their heads, making it almost impossible for Underoath to follow.

After Underoath wrapped things up, Alice in Chains took over, the first of two headliners. They played a solid hour or so, squeezing in every major song they have and sprinkled in a few newer tracks from Rainier Fog. The surprise was playing “Man in the Box” second in the set when it’s usually later on in the show. With singer William Duvall jumping around the stage and holding the mic out for the crowd to sing along, they were a solid increase in pace after Underoath and got everyone primed for KoRn to finish them off.

KoRn hit the stage shortly after Alice in Chains wrapped things up and, when the curtain dropped and they ripped into “Here to Stay,” it was absolutely deafening. Every time Jonathan Davis held the mic out for the crowd to sing a word, they obliged and you would have thought there was 80,000 people there. 

Surprisingly, they made longtime closer “Blind” the second song in the setlist and closed with “Falling Away With Me,” which is usually an early one. They also added new single, “You’ll Never Find Me” as well as “Twisted Transistor,” both of which were loved by the near-sellout crowd. 

The band sounded great, the crowd was full of energy and ready to throw down and the show was a memorable one for anyone in attendance. 

-Reggie Edwards


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