Live: Knocked Loose in Chicago

As promised, on September 3, Knocked Loose kicked off their headlining tour at Metro Chicago. Although this was Knocked Loose’s second night in a row playing in Chicago, it was the first night for their tour support featuring, Gatecreeper, Magnitude and Kharma. This special night also featured One Step Closer. One Step Closer opened the night with one of their newer songs, “Leads To Gray”. A majority of the songs they played were off of their album From Me To You and the crowd was also lucky enough to hear the band’s unreleased song, “Autumn,” which will be featured on their newest album. They ended their set with “The Reach”, starting the night off right and getting the crowd ready for the bands to follow. Next up was Chicago natives, Kharma, starting the night off with “Forced out of Heaven” and “Most Dangerous Game,” both of which were of off one of their 2020 album, Most Dangerous Game. It was this band’s first show since 2020 and you couldn’t even tell with their active and energized stage presence. The band even had a guest vocalist join them on stage and an insane amount of crowd surfers storming the stage on multiple occasions. The band closed out their set with “Good Riddance” off of their 2018 album, Moment Of Violence. Magnitude followed and took the stage to a fan favorite, “Opposition,” off of their 2019 album, To Whatever Faithful End. Most of their set was comprised of songs from that album. Mid-set they played their most well-known song, “Defy, off of their 2019 album. Like Kharma, they also had a lively stage presence featuring multiple stage divers and two guest vocalists. They ended their set with “To Whatever Faithful End”, another well-known song by the band; Gatecreeper followed with a great set, setting the mood for the headliner up next. Knocked Loose took to the stage playing “Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory” off of their newest album, A Different Shade of Blue. Just a few songs in, a confetti canon exploded, showering the whole venue. The band almost played A Different Shade of Blue in its entirety throughout the night. The band also played their most popular songs off of Laughing Tracks and Pop Culture. The crowd was extremely active for the band, creating large circle and mosh pits and constant crowd surfers. The band almost ended their set with one of their newer, most well-known songs, “Mistakes Like Fractures.” However, they came back out for an encore and ended up playing “Guided by the Moon” and “Counting Worms” and even had a balloon drop. Overall, all five bands put on a great show that night leaving the crowd quite pleased. You definitely do not want to miss this hardcore tour so be sure to check out if they’re coming to a city near you. Also feel free to check out our photo gallery included down below of the show. -Kayla Gray