Live: KIX rocks Baltimore with annual KIX-Mas concert

KIX have out done themselves again with their annual KIX-Mas concert at Rams Head Live in Baltimore, Md. This is one of the only events I\’ve been to where you can see someone dressed as an elf and a biker standing at the bar together. It’s one big festive party with the best music you could ask for. KIX put on one hell of a show. Vocalist Steve Whiteman is one of the most energetic people I have ever seen on stage. One second he will be in front of you and you can blink and he can be across the stage doing some crazy dance moves. His vocals are even more impressive. The fact that these guys have been rocking out since the late 70’s early 80’s and still sound this good blow my mind. They always get the crowd with the favorites like “Blow My Fuse”, “Girl Money” (my personal favorite) and their ballad “Don’t Close Your Eyes” which usually makes someone in the audience cry. Every year I go to KIX-Mas I\’m genuinely surprised at how amazing these guys still sound and amazing show they put on. You can never be let down at a KIX show. So if you couldn\’t make it out to KIX-Mas, don’t worry- you have another chance to catch them. They\’re opening the first night of the M3 Rock Festival which is also one hell of a good time. It\’s not as small and intimate but it\’s definitely the same amazing show. These guys give it 110% every time they play no matter where it is. Hands down one of my favorite live bands of all time. -Tera Ford \"\"