Live: Killthrax invades Baltimore

Killswitch Engage and the almighty Anthrax have joined forces once again to bring fans another round of their Killthrax tour bringing along Colorado thrashers Havok. I was able to catch the tour at Rams Head Live in Baltimore Maryland.

Havok has been around for quite some time now and was the perfect addition to this tour. The guys were energetic and fun to watch and the crowd seemed to be really into them. They played “Covering Fire”, “Out of My Way” and “Hang ‘Em High”.

Anthrax is one of the best live bands period. These guys come out and give the crowd 200% and then some. They opened their set with an older hit “Among The Living” which the crowd went crazy for.

During a majority of their songs the crowds voices overpowered their vocals, especially during “I Am The Law” and “Antisocial”.  They not only played their old hits but their newest one “Breathing Lightning” which is absolutely phenomenal live.

Closing the night was Killswitch Engage. This band is always so much fun on stage. There is never a time where any member of the band is standing still and the antics of guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz are pretty hysterical. The band opened their set with fan favorite “Rose of Sharyn”, which the crowd loved and went on to play a couple of old favorites such as “My Curse” and my personal favorite “My Last Serenade.”

hey also played their newer hits “Always”, “Strength of the Mind” and “Hate By Design”. Frontman Jesse Leach is a powerhouse on stage and puts so much passion and emotion into every performance which resonated with every single person in the venue tonight.

The Killthrax tour is one of the best tours I have ever had the chance to see. I hope that one day we could possibly see it again because twice is just not enough for these fantastic bands.

-Tera Ford




Killswitch Engage