Live: Kamelot in Silver Spring

Kamelot recently wrapped up their most recent North American tour, bringing with them Battle Beast and Delain and also just released their 12th studio album- The Shadow Theory and it is absolutely wonderful. I was able to catch this tour at The Fillmore in Silver Spring Maryland and what a magical night it was. First up was Battle Beast- a band that every fan of metal needs to see at least once. Front woman Noora Louhimo is a total badass on stage. Her outfit and her energy definitely got everyone\’s attention. The band always jokes around on stage and makes the audience feel right at home. I honestly would love to see them headline, it feels like their set is never long enough. They played their hits “Black Ninja” and “King For A Day” and the crowd absolutely loved them and they even came out after their set and did a small meet and greet with fans. Next up was Delain, who\’s presence is unreal. The backdrops and banners they had placed among the stage were beautiful. Not only was the overall appearance phenomenal so was their performance. Frontwoman Charlotte Wessels is absolutely stunning on stage. Not only is she extremely elegant, she is a force all her own and the crowd adored her. The chemistry between band members on stage was so much fun to watch. The band played songs such as “Fire With Fire” and “Don\’t Let Me Go.” Lastly was the almighty Kamelot. This was my first time seeing these guys live and I was blown away. Vocalist Tommy Karevik is so full of emotion in his performance, it\’s quite beautiful. They opened the night with one of their newest songs “Phantom Divine.” They went on to play “RavenLight” from the same album. They also played some of their older songs such as “Insomnia” and “Amnesiac.” Fans loved every second of their set with the crowd getting more and more excited with every song they played. These guys put on an amazing show and I truly can\’t wait to see them again. -Tera Ford Battle Beast Delain Kamelot