Live: Hatebreed/DevilDriver/Devil You Know

Hatebreed is out supporting their new album The Concrete Confessionals, bringing along DevilDriver and Devil You know for one hell of a tour. I was able to catch the show at Soundstage in Baltimore, which is one of the smaller music venues in the city, making it a perfect space for this supercharged lineup.

Devil You Know opened the night, starting off with Consumed the Damned off of their most recent album They Bleed Red. Howard Jones did a killer job of hyping up the crowd with his insane vocal range and overly blunt sense of humor. Although they had a short set, they made the best of it playing all of the songs the crowd wanted to hear. Howard ending the set by reminding everyone that he was the black guy from Killswitch Engage was the best way to go out, like I mentioned he was not afraid to be blunt.

DevilDriver took the stage next. I have never seen these guys before and I am glad I had to opportunity to. They are heavy and in your face putting out an energy that radiates throughout the building. Some bands actually sound better live, and DevilDriver is definitely one of them. You can listen to the albums, but hearing them live is a whole different experience. Watching them perform Not all Who Wander are Lost and End of the Line and seeing the passion on the face of vocalist Dez Fafara definitely put these songs into a new perspective for me.

You could actually feel the anticipation of the crowd waiting for Hatebreed to take the stage. The whispers of what they were going to sound like and what songs they were going to play went on all night. The second the band members stepped out onto the stage a wall of screams and cheers blasted through the venue. Out walks Jamey Jasta and the band immediately dives into Destroy Everything off of their 2006 album Supremacy. The band played several songs off of their new album The Concrete Confessionals such as A.D. and Looking down the Barrel of Today. In a small setting like Soundstage, watching Jasta practically take over the crowd was almost magical.

I’ve always been told I needed to see Hatebreed live and I was not disappointed. They put on one hell of a show, meeting every expectation you could have of them. This lineup on this tour worked out in the best possible way for both the bands and the crowd. Hopefully there will be another tour from Hatebreed sooner than later.

Hatebreed Setlist

  • Destroy Everything
  • Looking Down the Barrel of Today
  • This Is Now
  • Something’s Off
  • As Diehard as They Come
  • To the Threshold
  •  Doomsayer
  • Become the Fuse
  • Everyone Bleeds Now
  • In Ashes They Shall Reap
  • Live for This
  • Smash Your Enemies
  • Before Dishonor
  • Last Breath
  • Perseverance
  • Tear It Down
  • Empty Promises
  • Under the Knife
  • Honor Never Dies
  • A.D.
  • I Will Be Heard

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