Live: Hatebreed in Baltimore

Hatebreed is currently out on their 20 Years of Desire and 15 Years of Perseverance tour with Dying Fetus, Code Orange and Twitching Tongues. I was able to catch this at Soundstage in Baltimore Maryland. This was the perfect date because it was a hometown show for Dying Fetus and Baltimore has some of the most dedicated Hatebreed fans so it\’s always insane when they come into town.

Twitching Tongues opened the night. I went into the night slightly unfamiliar with these guys and definitely left a fan. They really knew how to get the crowd going and were a lot of fun to watch on stage. They played their hits “Disharmony” and “World War V”.

Code Orange blew up after their 2016 release Forever and have been a high priority on my list of bands to see this year so I was very excited that they are out on this tour. The energy and passion that this band brings to the stage is outrageous.

When they played “Forever” the entire crowd erupted and the pit almost took up the entire floor, it was insane. They also played “Kill the Creator” and “Bleeding in the Blur” which was absolutely phenomenal live.

Dying Fetus took the stage next. This powerhouse trio is absolutely unstoppable once they hit the music starts. Opening with “From Womb to Waste” the entire venue went crazy. They went on to play “Fixated on Devastation”, “Grotesque Impalement” and the title track from their new album “Wrong One to Fuck With”. These guys had an absolutely mind blowing set from start to finish.

Closing out the night was Hatebreed. It\’s always fun to see how energetic frontman Jamey Jasta is on stage. With this being a 15 and 20 year anniversary tour, the set focused mainly on songs off of Perseverance and Satisfaction Is The Death of Desire but they also played a few of their other hits like “Looking Down the Barrel of Today” and “Tear it Down”.

For a few songs I couldn\’t even hear the vocals over the crowd singing along. Hatebreed always puts on one hell of a show and tonight was definitely one of the best I\’ve seen.

-Tera Ford

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