Live: GWAR in Baltimore

The almighty GWAR has returned to Baltimore Maryland for their The Gore, Core, Metal and More! tour bringing along with them Miss May I and American Sharks. Fans flocked to Baltimore Soundstage on this glorious Friday night ready for blood, literally. Opening the night all the way from Texas was American Sharks. These guys were a little more on the melodic side but for a three-piece really kicked ass. Towards the end of their set their frontman was talking about how they were looking for a new guitarist and heard Baltimore was a good place to find one. They said they were going to bring him out and test him out for their last song. Turns out the guitar player in mention was none other than GWAR guitar player Pustulus Maximus. The crowd seemed to really enjoy their set. Miss May I took the stage next. These guys seem to dominate the stage and totally captivate crowds wherever they go. Over the years they have become one of my favorite bands to see live. They opened their set with Swallow Your Teeth and the entire venue went nuts. A huge pit divided the crowd and there were bodies everywhere, it was a sight to see. They went on to play one of their biggest hits Hey Mister and I.H.E. Frontman Levi Benton is truly a master at getting the crowd engaged and really giving their fans the best show that they possibly can. Finally it was time for GWAR. Baltimore Soundstage has one of the smallest stages in the area so it was almost comical watching the space creatures of GWAR try to move about throughout the night. There was blood, there was gore and at one point there was also talk about procreating with dolphins. Only at a GWAR show would this make sense. They played all of the songs fans wanted to hear including Viking Death Machine and Saddam A Go-Go. Between the sometimes uncomfortable props, the blood and intergalactic semen, the night couldn’t have been more fun. While the setlist and the props haven’t changed much over the years this band will always be one that I catch every time they come through. Always a fantastic show and while it may be messy it is exactly what I want out of a metal show. -Tera Ford American Sharks Miss May I GWAR