Live: Gangstagrass brings message of unity to Indy

They say music is universal and can bring anyone together but it’s rare to see a band really truly bring everyone together. Gangstagrss is one of those bands and they’re out on the road right now, recently hitting Indy’s Hi-Fi.  Four of the five band members hit the stage a capella before the full band ripped into their set and it was a country-fried hip hop party for everyone and there wasn\’t a single person in the room not moving or having the time of their life with Gangstagrass’ unique infusion of country, bluegrass and hip hop.  Playing almost two hours, Gangstagrass had long-time fans in the house but also made fans out of anyone in the crowd who wasn’t familiar with them or was on the fence about the genre blending.  Gangstagrass was built on the foundation of unity and coming together. When singer Rench started the band, he had a vision and mission to prove that anyone can get along and be friends- regardless of background- and he wanted to do that with music; he’s more than accomplished that. This show proved that tenfold. The band played longtime fan favorites, tracks from their latest album, No Time For Enemies and even threw in some fun covers and reimagined songs like “Man of Constant Sorrow,” after which rapper R-Son The Voice of Reason looked at the crowd and said “I knew ya’ll would know that one!,” which was met with a roar of laughter and applause from the crowd.  Whether fans knew the band from their impressive discography, saw them on America’s Got Talent or were brought there by a friend, if anyone came in not sure what to think, they left an instant fan.  Gangstagrass is out on the road right now. -Reggie Edwards