Live: Fozzy in Indianapolis

There may be no band riding the rocket to the top faster than Fozzy. Decades into their career, they released Judas last year and it seemed like an immediate catapult to the upper ranks for them and they’ve been enjoying it ever since. They recently hit Indianapolis for the first time since Uproar Festival 2012- this time gracing the stage of the Vogue for a headline show on their continuing Judas Rising Tour with support from The Stir, Stone Broken and Adelitas Way. After The Stir opened the night with one hell of a set, Stone Broken took over and completely elevated the energy to another level. This was their first tour in the United States, coming over from England and they made every minute count in Indianapolis- and the crowd loved it. By the time they wrapped up their set, they proved that they’re one of the most promising rising bands in all of rock. Following them was longtime rock road warriors Adelitas Way, who opened with “Still Hungry,” and ended with “Invincible,” which rounded out a set that lived up to every expectation. If you’ve ever seen Adelitas Way, you know frontman Rick DeJesus is one of the most animated and energetic frontmen in all of rock and Indianapolis saw no exception. By the time the lights went down again and Fozzy took the stage, the crowd was more than warmed up and ready to go and that’s exactly what you want from a good opener- let alone three of them; This was also one of the biggest turnouts for a Fozzy show Indiana has had. They opened with smash single “Judas,” which saw the crowd singing so loud you could barely hear the band. They also through in multiple songs from the Judas record- “Burn Me Out,” “Painless,” and “Drinking With Jesus” among them and mixed in tracks from each of their last few records to round out a diverse and powerful set. Frontman Chris Jericho knows exactly how to work a crowd and hold them in the palm of his hand, controlling every move while guitarist The Duke, Rich Ward didn’t stand still for a single second of the show, dancing and strutting around the stage. In the end, Fozzy have grown and continue to grow to a level that they’ve never seen before but have been preparing for their entire career and they’ve made it worth it every inch of the way- not just for themselves but for the fans too. -Reggie Edwards Stone Broken Adelitas Way Fozzy