Detroit, MI has always been a hotbed for music, whether it be Rock, Punk, R&B; the choices are endless and concert goers typically come out in droves. This bill is somewhat of a Fat Wreck Chords All-Star tour featuring Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Masked Intruder (previously on FWC) and PEARS. When it was announced that Me First and The Gimme Gimmes would do a full months worth of U.S. dates the punk community not only showed their delight on social media and the like but fans have actually backed up their adulation for the 20 year old cover band by packing essentially every venue on the tour thus far. Needless to say, the punks of Detroit didn’t disappointment as The Majestic Theater was sold out.

Opening the show was New Orleans based hardcore punks; PEARS were reminiscent of early to mid 80’s bands Black Flag, Negative Approach etc. The aggressive and heavy nature of their sound made PEARS the odd man out to a fair portion of attendees. None the less, the NOLA quartet didn’t hold back from what they do best, perform! Vocalist, Zach Quinn certainly didn’t have an issue jumping off the stage and making his way through the crowd when he wasn’t strutting about on stage a’la Iggy Pop. The only thing missing was Quinn carving an X into his chest.

Next to hit the stage would be pop punk crooks, Masked Intruder. Madison, WI’s favorite quartet of criminals, Intruder Blue, Intruder Green, Intruder Yellow, Intruder Red (who was absent) and Officer Bradford effortlessly set The Majestic on fire. Certainly, the members of M.I. are great musicians with a knack of writing catchy & thematic songs but their engagement with the crowd during the live set is second to none. For example, Intruder Green grabbed a random girl from the crowd and not only brings her on stage but dances with her and when Officer Bradford (the clumsy copper that never seems to catch the boys in the act) isn’t inserted into the show he shakes, hugs and dances with fans in the crowd throughout their forty minute set.

As the crowd patiently waited for the nights headliner and crowned jewel, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes there were more than a few grumblings over the fact that normal bass player and resident wise ass Fat Mike would be absent from the tour. His replacement Bad Religion’s Jay Bentley has a pedigree for playing the bass himself while throwing around a wise crack now and as well. The other members of Me First and The Gimme Gimmes have some punk rock credibility as well. Vocalist Spike Slawson (ex. Swingin\’ Utters, Re-Volts) guitar player Joey Cape and drummer Dave Raun are both members of Lagwagon and lead guitar Scott Shiflett is currently a member of Face To Face.

Standardly, the entire band wears matching outfits, whether it is Hawaiian shirts or dressing like cowboys. Tonight would be no different as the members were decked out in pink satin shirts, neck ties and white slacks (believe me, it was a look!). Of the twenty three song set list I can’t recall a time where the band seemed as if they weren’t enjoying themselves as much as the crowd.  From Slawson’s storytelling to Bentley acting like “a little teapot”. As cover bands go Me First and The Gimme Gimmes is at the top of the list. Those in attendance were anticipating a show for the ages and that is exactly what they got.

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