Live: Every Time I Die / Beartooth in Baltimore

Currently Beartooth is out on the Aggressive tour along with Old Wounds, Fit for a King and Every Time I Die. I got the chance to catch it at Soundstage in Baltimore Maryland. Going into it I knew it was going to be a good show considering it was my 3rd time seeing Beartooth but I never really got the chance to see the other bands live.

   So my first time seeing Old Wounds will probably be my last. I was not a huge fan of the music but they did a really good job of hyping up the crowd and everyone seemed super into them. Fit For A King was a blast live. Those guys are so full of energy and the music was pretty solid. All the way around it was a hell of a live show on their end.

  Every Time I Die then took the stage causing an extremely impressive uproar from the crowd. The band busted out from the side of the stage full of energy. Between bassist Stephen Micciche and guitarist Jordan Buckley running twirling and jumping around and on everything on the stage and trying to keep up with Keith Buckley\’s hair and constant stage pacing, it was just energetic from the start. You would think at some point they would have calmed down a bit but even on their last song the guys were still racing around. Definitely one live show that is not to be missed.

 Then finally Beartooth took the stage. As a huge Beartooth fan the excitement was unreal. It was even more unreal when they played Aggressive. You could barely hear Caleb Shomo over the crowd screaming the lyrics. I think the highlight of their set for me was hearing Sick Of Me live. While being one of my favorite songs off of the album Aggressive, it gave me goosebumps. At one point during the show guitarist Kameron Bradbury climbed out into the crowd, walking on shoulders and hands still playing. Caleb told the crowd not to drop him but even still it was bad ass.
 Overall this is a can\’t miss tour. If you\’re a fan of any one of these bands, go. The energy from the bands alone is infectious and maybe you will become more of a fan than you thought you would be. There are a select dates left on the tour so catch it while you can.
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