Live: Evanescence\’ Synthesis in Carmel

When Evanescence announced their Synthesis project earlier this year, the reaction was polarizing. Many fans grumbled and scoffed at the idea while others went in with an open mind and gave it a chance. With the record recently releasing, the band has hit the road for a full-length tour, which recently hit Carmel, Ind.’s Palladium at The Center For The Performing Arts and anyone who doubted the project was quickly silenced. When you sit down and really think about Synthesis and what it’s all about, it makes perfect sense. Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee is a classically trained vocalist and pianist and the band’s music has always had an element of classical and symphonic elements in it. The Carmel Palladium could not have been a better setting, either. The imagery and design of the theater is that of pure beauty and gave the feeling of being at a real symphony show- not a rock show. As the crowd began filing in, there were some people dressed their best in suits and gowns while others were dressed for a rock concert with their band shirts and leather jackets- the couple that stood out was a father and daughter. The daughter- who couldn’t have been older than 6 year old- was dressed up with a very nice dress and her hair up while her father had a black Santa hat, black jeans with a chain wallet, a black band shirt and a biker jacket. It summed up the crowd and atmosphere perfectly. The evening started with the orchestra playing a short, six-song set which included songs from Beethoven, Mozart and the Amy Lee fan favorite- “Sally’s Song,” which many fans had been waiting almost a decade to hear live. After the wrapped up, a 30 minute intermission took place before the lights went down and the orchestra took the stage again, followed by Evanescence and a roar of applause and cheers from the crowd when Lee entered. She sat down at her piano and the band ripped into one of the most dramatic, exhilarating and attention-grabbing sets ever. This wasn’t just Amy Lee with an orchestra backing her- this was a full-on symphonic rock experience. They played almost every longtime favorite except for “Going Under,” “Tourniquet” and “What You Want” but made up for that with some deep cuts and re-imagining of a few classics. There was so much going on throughout the show on stage that it was impossible to break your focus. The theater was set up in such a way that there were seats in front of the stage (of course) but also along the sides in three stories of orchestra boxes as well as there being seats behind the stage and Lee took full advantage of this, turning to every side and behind her, singing to everyone in attendance. In the end, a lot could be taken away from the show. A lot of people have always thought Evanescence would be a good show for a theater setting but they aren’t- they’re perfect for a theater show. Their lyrics are dark, the music- especially with Synthesis– is theatrical and dramatic, and it’s clear after watching Synthesis live, that this is exactly what Amy Lee has envisioned and wanted to do for a very long time. Not only did it pay off, but anyone who went into the show doubting that this could be worth their time and money was proven wrong from the second the band and orchestra played the first note and you couldn’t help but by entranced until the very end of the last note. Hats off to Evanescence for creating a rare, fresh experience that you’ll be comfortable spending your money on over and over. -Reggie Edwards \"Click