Live: Echosmith in DC

With bursts of bright lights, color and guitar solos, Echosmith rocked the stage last sunday in Washington, D.C.Though the 9:30 Club wasn’t at full capacity, it didn’t phase the fans or the artists.

Echosmith’s tour was originally planned for the winter, but the band moved their D.C. date, causing an unfilled venue. The audience was a mixed bag as well, ranging from young children to college students to people in their 40\’s and 50\’s – but none of these factors changed the enthusiasm the brand brought to the stage or the sheer level of energy from the crowd.

The band gave it their all, and the audience ate it right up. The band took the stage in darkness, slowly piling in until Sydney Sierota, the lead singer, took the stage. With bright lights ranging from deep blues to bright pinks, Sierota owned the stage.

With her cool meets edgy presence, she almost had an I-don’t-give-a-shit rock star presence that really intrigued me. Sounding just like the album, Echosmith started off the night with hits such as “18” and “Future Me.”

Engaging the audience with competitive games, trying to see which side of the venue was louder, the band brought a level of energy and fun to the show that was unique but familiar at the same time. Though Sierota was phenomenal, one truly memorable part of the concert had to be the bassist, Noah Sierota.

With his bass strapped up high and his elbows out wide to properly play his instrument, reminiscent of fun, the musician caught my eye the most throughout the set.

He was energetic and just short of bouncing off the walls in a way that really stole the show for me. At one point, the guitarist was matching that same energy and I didn’t know who to watch.

All in all, their stage presence really brought up the energy of the show in a truly quirky and fun way. I appreciated the commitment to putting on a show that wasn’t just from the singer, more musicians should do more than just bop, like Noah did.

Overall, Echosmith brought the energy that the 9:30 Club was craving. From rock-solid vocals to active bassists running around the stage, I was pleasantly surprised with how entertaining the show was. I knew Echosmith could bring it, but this show made me want to see them again and, of course, recommend to all my friends.

-Alyssa Rotunno