Live: Dropkick Murphys in Indianapolis

When Dropkick Murphys announced their 2018 St. Patrick’s Day Tour and a stop at Indianapolis’ Egyptian Room, it didn’t take long for fans to snag almost every ticket available- the last time the band played Indy was February of 2012 and fans have been dying for the band to return. So it’s no surprise how rowdy, intense and fun the show was. Ska rockers Bim Skala Bim kicked off the night and the room was pretty packed already with fans doing everything possible to get to the front early. One thing that stands out about Dropkick Murphys faithful is that they show every band on the bill the same respect and they made sure to get involved, which the band fed off of and gave it right back, making for a hell of an experience. Not long after they finished, hardcore legends Agnostic Front took over and the energy in the room escalated exponentially from the beginning when guitarist Vinnie Stigma walked on stage and got the crowd roaring with excitement. The rest of the band followed and ripped into an eight-song set that was pure aggression and insanity and the crowd was getting more and energetic as the set went on. Dropkick Murphys finished the night off with a set that made the six-year wait more than worth it. From the very start, the crowdsurfers were coming over the barricade like a tidal wave and the crowd pit got so crazy that the band had to stop after the fourth song address what was going on. “Wow, four songs in and there have been three fights already,” said frontman Al Barr. “You’re at a punk rock show. If you don’t like being bumped into by people, don’t stand in the fucking front row. “If you’re gonna get pissed off that someone messed up your fucking iPhone picture because they bumped into you dancing,” he continued, “ get out of the pit. Also, there are little kids in the crowd and if we see even one kid get hurt, we will personally come down there and fight you to the death!” Things got better after that. For the most part, the crowd was on their best behavior, with the exception of a few assholes, but that’s every rock show. Dropkick Murphys have been a show where anything can happen and have always been a band that encourage people to have fun no matter what and not to worry about who’s around you and that’s exactly what the Indianapolis show was all about. -Reggie Edwards Bim Skala Bim Agnostic Front Dropkick Murphys