Live: Doyle in Baltimore

Legendary Doyle recently made a stop in Baltimore Maryland at Baltimore Soundstage on his World Abomination tour. For this date the opener was a local group called Meteor King. There was another scheduled band but due to unfortunate circumstances they weren’t able to make it tonight. This meant longer set times for the opener and Doyle, which was awesome. Meteor King was an extremely fitting opener for the night. The guys took the stage wearing some pretty awesome makeup and their songs were about badass stuff like werewolves and dead things. Honestly there was really no going wrong. The band also did a really impressive Cars cover. It was finally time for Doyle. I have waited many years for this moment and it was just as magical as I had hoped it would have been. Frontman Alex Story aka Wolfman is so passionate and puts his entire body (quite literally) into the songs. Fans got to hear songs such as Abominator and HeadHunter. Tonight fans got to be a little bit more up close and personal with the band since there was no barricade in front of the stage. It was awesome seeing Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein put his guitar right in the crowd and shred, giving fans a once in a lifetime memorable experience. Overall, their set was pretty fantastic and it was definitely worth the wait. -Tera Ford Doyle