Live: Deep Purple in Noblesville

When Deep Purple announced their Long Goodbye Tour this year and it was made known Alice Cooper and Edgar Winter Group would be heading out on the trek with them, the anticipation was through the roof.

Then it was announced the tour would be coming through Noblesville, Ind.’s Klipsch Music Center and the tickets started selling like crazy.

Edgar Winter Group started the show off early and opened up with “Free Ride,” much to the surprise of many. To say Winter’s set was impressive is a massive understatement. He was all over the place and made sure to set the bar high for Alice Cooper.

He didn’t just sing, but joined his backing band by playing guitar, tambourine, Drums and even went on a 10 minute-plus scatting vs. guitar battle with his lead guitar player. The night was off with a blazing bang and those in attendance had already gotten their money’s worth and Alice Cooper still had yet to take the stage, who took the bar set by Winter and threw it out the window.

Cooper’s set is always one that you have to see in person and it’s also one that you just can’t follow. It’s as simple as that. His backing band is one of the best in all of music and they completely understand what Cooper is trying to do with his show.

Cooper had everything you’ve always heard of him doing and that you’ve wanted to see live. He was electrocuted, beheaded, showered the band in Alice Cooper-branded billion dollar bills during “Billion Dollar Babies,” had a giant Frankenstein pacing around the stage during “Feed My Frankenstein” and more. This was an Alice Cooper show through and through and he made it virtually impossible for Deep Purple to follow.

Purple opened the night with “Highway Star,” and sounded outstanding and sonically lived up to almost every expectation. However, singer Ian Gillan just didn’t seem to be at the top of his game this evening. He appeared to struggle through many of the notes and words and was very hard to understand while talking to the crowd at times.

Aside from this, Deep Purple’s set was one to remember and, seeing as how they just don’t tour much anymore was one you needed to be in attendance for. This show had almost everything to be desired from each band and was one which those who came out for the show would remember long after the show’s end.

-Reggie Edwards