Live: Bobaflex in Indianapolis

Bobaflex may be the hardest band in all of music- not just rock and not just independent bands. They tour almost the entire calendar year and consistently release new music every 2-3 years- and their most recent tour leg made a pit stop at Indianapolis’ Hi-Fi. Opening the night was Chicago’s Trip 6, who had a similar sound to Bobaflex and were good old fashioned rock and roll. The crowd- though small- was loving every minute of it and made sure the band felt like they were with family. Next up was Utah’s Andrew W Boss who were more rap metal and, as soon as they hit the first note of the first song, the crowd erupted and went insane. Combine Kottonmouth Kings with Twiztid and Papa Roach and you’ve got Andrew W Boss- these guys will blow you away and everyone in the crowd was an instant fan. At one point the band left the stage and entered the crowd to rock out with them during one of the songs and the energy went through the roof; People were dancing, jumping and everything. Finishing the night was Bobaflex, who made the wait worth it for everyone. They played a blistering 14-song set that included tracks from every album between Chemical Valley and their most recent Eloquent Demons, wrapping it up with their Pink Floyd “Hey You” cover and biggest single, “Bury Me With My Guns On.” Most of the fans in attendance knew every word to every song and had no shame in belting out every lyric along with the band while they danced in the crowd while a few fans had never even heard of the band before but saw the signs and wanted to see what it was all about- they were converted to disciples very quickly. The band couldn’t have been more happy as smiles were on their faces virtually the entire show and you could tell they were appreciative of each and every person that took time to come out to the show. Wrapping up the night, co-lead vocalist Marty McCoy took time to thank the fans for coming out on a Wednesday night- “Thank you guys so much for coming out tonight and welcoming us to your beautiful city. Next time we’re here, we’ll make sure it’s a Friday night so you guys don’t have to work the next day!” he said as the crowd cheered with excitement, “We are Bobaflex and don’t you ever forget it.” -Reggie Edwards Trip 6 Andrew W Boss Bobaflex