Live: Bobaflex in Baltimore

Bobaflex is currently out on tour supporting their most recent release- Eloquent Demons, bringing along Jacob Cade and Despyre. I was able to catch the tour at the Ottobar in Baltimore, Md.

Local bands Black Rose, Novarium and Fire in Elysium opened up the night with a few killer sets. Each one of these bands brought a ton of passion and a lot of energy that got the crowd amped up for the headliners.

Taking the stage next was Despyre, a metal band out of Long Island NY. These guys were really impressive. Frontman Rob Malvagno really knew how to work a crowd and was a lot of fun to watch on stage. Even though the stage was a little cramped, they did not let that stop them from rocking out. I would really enjoy seeing them again hopefully in the near future.

The Jacob Cade Project was the best surprise of the night. While he may not be old enough to drink yet this guy is a guitar god with a phenomenal voice. He is bringing to light all of the things that make Rock N Roll in his music and it works so well on stage.

The set was full of impressive guitar solos and shredding along with some behind the head guitar playing that the crowd went crazy for.

Finally was the almighty Bobaflex. They opened their set with “I am A Nightmare” from their latest release. They also played their Pink Floyd cover “Hey You” from that album. They also played a bunch of their older hits like “Chemical Valley” and “I’m Glad You’re Dead”. They closed out their set in the best way possible playing “Bury Me With My Guns On”.

Between crowd interaction and the amount of energy they put into their set Bobaflex is hands down one of the best live bands. Watching brothers Shaun and Marty McCoy trade off vocals and Jymmy Tolland shredding away on the bass was a lot of fun.

-Tera Ford

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